Heroes must face numerous challenges and dangers in their lives of adventure. Some tales are chronicled here to honour those who stood their ground in the face of death and those who were overcome by their enemies and lost their lives.

This section contains some of the adventures I created for my Jhendor campaigns. Please feel free to use any of the ideas and scenarios for your own ends. I'd be happy to hear from anybody who uses some of my materials for their own campaigns.

The 'Campaigns' chapter gives an overview over the two campaigns I have mastered in Jhendor, while 'Scenarios' lets you jump immediately to the individual adventures - as far as they can be separated from each other.

The first scenario is now complete and ready for download. Check out the "Plans of Demetrion Kiraljar".


So far two groups of adventurers have travelled the continent of Jhendor: The 'Guardians' and the 'Nomads'. Each has lived through a series of interconnected adventures which brought them from their home to a distant place and back again.


The Guardians' campaign, named 'Childhood', centered around the non-human child 'Ralri'and took them from mighty Chélekar to distant Zs'rarn and back.

It all began when a chance meeting of a motley group of people turned into the rescue of Ralri from a group of thugs. When they tried to get him back to his parents, they got embroiled in Zs'karean politics and an assassination plot. Eventually they returned the child safely and earned the ambassador's lasting gratitude ('The Ambassador's Child').

The resolve and cooperation of the new band of adventurers was tested when an unnatural plague spread in Chélekar. The heroes found a secret cult of the disease goddess Siresha and managed to stop the spread of the disease, but two members of the group lost their lives in that adventure ('The Red Fever').

A trip into a ruined section of Chélekar as bodyguards for the the mercenary captain Malvin and the poet Opyros brought the group into contact with Gwendon and Garthan, sons of the sorceress Alessandra, who where trying to buy a small onyx statuette from Malvin. Together they fought against the minions of a vengeful alchemist ('The Dark Muse').

Impressed by their resourcefulness and prowess, Malvin hired the adventurers to help him and a wealthy merchant in a bid for power in the outskirts of Chélekar. While they handled their assigned area despite unforeseen complications very well, the overall plot was too successful. It attracted the attention of the Tlaroian overlords of the city and was crushed with massive force ('The Plans of Demetrion Kiraljar').

After they had lain low for a while, the heroes came into contact with the Zs'kar again. Ralri had been abducted from the embassy and the Ambassador called for help from the heroes who has saved his child once before. The trail led them to the townhouse of the sorceress Alessandra - and there they met Gwendon and Garthan who were searching for their mother. While they didn't find out the sorceress' motives for the abduction, they were able to rescue the child again ('The Sorceress' Home').

Alarmed by the second abduction of his child and instructed to send Ralri back to the Homeland, the ambassador asked the heroes to act as Ralris bodyguards on the long trip to Zs'rarn. They agreed and joined a caravan to cross the Great Dust Desert trailing of Chélekar, while being accompanied by a detachment of Zs'karean soldiers.
The heroes soon realized that powerful yet unknown forces were interested in the child they accompanied. One of their fellow travellers actually was a demonic creature in disguise and nearly succeeded in leading the caravan into a catastrophe ('The Caravan').

Finally the party made it across the desert and arrived in the city of Mar'lian. Here they were embroiled in a plot to assassinate the prince's heir, which finally left them fleeing the city from the wrath of the prince. But in Mar'lian the heroes found the first clues concerning the powers that tried to abduct Ralri. They alluded to the mythological Ice King and his prohesied third attempt to conquer the world ('Fatherly love').

On the way towards the coast, another figure - a renegade sorcerer of the Order of Dreamers - tried to lay his hands on Ralri. He used dream sendings and nightmares to wrest the child from the heroes, but failed in the end ('The Dreamer').

The Adventurers arrived in Lharach on the Eternal Sea in time for the yearly 'Festival of Victory' the high holy day of Liesson, the god of war. Several unfortunate (and well planned) incidents in the city led to riots and civil disorder. Although unrelated to the adventurers, the riots gave the pirate captain Coris Astanic the opportunity to kidnap Ralri. He demanded as ransom that the adventurers should travel into the Sinking Lands to recover an ancient secret from the ruins of Ashertiri ('Festival of Victory').

To be continued ...


The adventures of the "Guardians" continue with he "Gwynneth" campaign. Turras, Garthan, Gwendon and Ajac have travelled to the kingdom of Gwynneth to meet Turras' old mentor Malvin. He involves the heroes in the politics of Gwynneth, trying to carve a place for himself and his followers before the Third Coming of the Cold King.

The first of part of the campaign was played out via e-mail and the German log files are accessible from this chapter reference.

It proved difficult to sustain the story by e-mail and the campaign underwent a long hiatus. Recently we've begun to revive it in the form of online sessions with the help of the GRIP software. The first chat logs are now online (also in German):

Morten Essansor joins the other heroes somwhat later after a brief introduction:

The Gwynneth campaign continues with a new engine: Neverwinter Nights. This 3d crpg is well-suited for creating custom scenarios and brings a whole new visual dimension to our online campaign. It will also introduce two new characters (old-time players) to the group: Mannor ap Macmillian (played by Dirk Stettner) and DeGabaldano Laurenzo (played by Thomas Wagener).



  • The Ambassador's Child
  • The Red Fever
  • The Dark Muse
  • The Plans of Demetrion Kiraljar
    A Chélekar adventure that embroils the characters in a plot to unify the human city.
  • The Sorceress' Home
  • The Caravan
  • Fatherly Love
  • The Dreamer
  • Festival of Victory
  • The Sinking Lands


  • The Road to Caer Camlin - a Neverwinter Nights module
  • Jhendor goes D&D 3E (Dungeons and Dragons 3rd editon for the acronym illiterate)! Whoa, stop! No, I'm not jumping on the d20 bandwagon. It's just that I've done a Neverwinter Nights module and of course it is set in Jhendor. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, check out


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