When the gods retreated from Jhendor after the War of the Trinity and the Great Compromise, each of them went his or her own way. Some still took a strong interest in the affairs of humans and tried to nurture and protect the children of Jhenar. Others had despaired of humanity and tried to recreate and improve the catalyst invented by Teclador. They met with mixed success and thus brought the other intelligent species to Jhendor. Some were hardly fit for live and quickly vanished from the face of the world, while others found niches in which they thrived and continue to exist to this day. Still others grew strong, spread across the world and challenged humanity's rule of Jhendor.

The most numerous and powerful non-human races are the Tlaroi and the Zs'kar. The ant-like Tlaroi consider themselves the children of Amachtera, the goddess of the sun, and their monolithic empire spans almost a quarter of Jhendor and is the most powerful state in existence. Tlaroian legions have conquered countless human cities and kingdoms and made them subject states. The imperial capitalbject states. The imperial capital Chélekar ist the largest city of the world and the tribute collected their is said to be the greatest treasure ever known.

The reptilian Zs'kar hail from the island of Zs'rarn but have established several semi-independent colonies on the continent. Their connection to the sea and its god Ulan is very strong and they are considered the finest sailors of the known world, even surpassing the humans of Narsaria in ship-building and sailing. As the Zs'kar are strongly independent and very politically minded, their home country ist regularly rocked by social and political upheaval. Their overall society is very stable though, not least because everybody is quick to pack his things and seek his luck in the colonies.

Other relatively numerous species are the cat-like Shirurshad and the flight-capable Avik, but both have never managed to establish large and enduring empires. The secretive Belvor live underground and not much is known about them. The fact that the Tlaroi suffered a bloody defeat when they tried to conquer their subterranean realm lets everybody tread careful around them. The serpent people - Ssiss in their own language - make the inhospitable reaches of the Great Dust Desert their home and are rarely seen among other species, but the most engimatic people are the shape-changing Driandri, which live in small groups under a mask of deception among other folk.

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