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Re: The Great Northwest - Campaign Journal

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And with that, our Deadlands Reloaded campaign had ended - for the time being.

Many thanks to Matthew Cutter for the great campaign included with the "Great Northwest" trail guide. We took it, made it our own and and it gave us one and a half years of awesome gaming.

We started the campaign in September 2012 and ended in April 2014. We had 23 game sessions, or a little more than 1.2 sessions per month. Not very many, but that is grown-up life with families and everything.

The PCs started out as Novices and gained 50 XP over the course of the campaign, reaching Veteran rank. We had five players (plus me as GM), and only one PC death in the next-to-last session.

All players were really happy with the campaign, though it was unusually combat-heavy for our group. It's the first campaign ever that I managed to write up logs for each and every session.
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